Prince - 2 Y. 2 D. Şarkı Sözü

Every man that meets her wants 2 give her his name
She's 2 hot 4 words & 2 wise 2 tame
She's got knee-high boots & e-o-lectric hair
Born 2 b a rock star eye swear
She's got 9 lives & a couple more 2 spare
Old enough 2 do ya
But 2 young 2 dare

She got a kick drum brain full o' technology
But just enuff old school 2 know where the party b
Talks about the top as if she's always been there
A member of the "chosen few rarified heirs"
Her legs so long she never climbs stairs
She's old enuff 2 do ya
But 2 young 2 dare

2 young 2 young 2 dare [x2]
2 young 2 young 2 dare [x2]

2 fine 4 idol
2 smart 4 the x-factor
internet beauty
everybody wanna hack her.
The world can only wonder right up until
They hear the juicy gossip that's in her will
Till then we can just pretend that she's



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