Jennette McCurdy - Better Şarkı Sözü

In the corner of my room
there's a pile of things
that still belong to you
I wont get them back
but here tonight
I'll go through one by one
without a fight

And I don't care if a cry
It should hurt
you said goodbye
and I have the right
to drag it out and make it worse
I'm gonna take my time
Till I wake up one morning
and I find,
that I feel better

And outside my window,
there's the moon
and it's saying don't get over you too soon
so I'll keep braking until I die
and I get it through my head
you weren't the one


Till I look at your pictures
and run out of tears
and you're not all I'm thinking about
Till I don't turn around
hold my breath for the sound
of you saying my name out loud

ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhohh





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